Cadence CBP1

Digital Bass Processor

$ 499.00 TT

Price VAT inclusive

Digital Bass Enhancement Processor Bass driver circuit that accurately recreates and injects low frequency information back into the signal path Unique bass equalization circuit that contours the restored bass to the speaker system Includes a dash mount remote control Bass maximizer indicator PFM Subsonic filter switch fine tunes the bass response Bass output control produces large amounts of deep, mind shattering bass without damaging your speakers Product Specifications: Maximum input level: 5V RMS Maximum output level: 3.2V Peak Frequency response: 0-35,000 Hz T.H.D.: 0.0025% Signal-to-Noise: 33 dB Balanced input noise rejection: >62 dB Input impedance: 0,000 ohm Output impedance: 50 ohms Power supply: High headroom PWM Dimensions: 6-3/8″L x 6-7/8″W x -3/8″H